Diamond Adobe

Buying diamonds and gemstones just got a lot easier.

How it works


Let’s face it, it costs a lot of money to own a jewelry store on Main Street. Besides rent, costs include inventory, insurance, utilities, and employee’s.

No Main St. Premiums

Main street must add theses expenses to the cost of their product, and with diamonds they can be very significant.

Internet Pricing with Real-life Shopping

On the other hand, an internet business has no inventory, so they need little insurance, and probably very few if any employees. They can sell a product for a small percentage, so you can save a good amount of money buying from the internet. Problem is you can’t see, feel or potentially trust the product.

The Bridge between Main St. & The Internet

Diamond Adobe is a bridge between Main street and the internet. We provide the store experience right in the comfort of your home and our pricing is competitive with the major online sites.

Think online pricing, but with diamonds you can see with your own eyes.

Diamond Ring

Past Works

Why we’re different

We come to your home and teach you all about diamonds by the end of our presentation you will feel comfortable about making a purchase.



Unlike retail jewelers, our sales agents have great flexibility in providing you an excellent value to match your budget.


Your stone comes with an independent gemological report detailing its qualities. This document is produced by a gemological laboratory and guarantees what you see is what you paid for.


Diamond Adobe brings you a personalized in-home diamond purchasing experience. Learn about diamonds so you can make an educated decision.

Customer Service

From stones to settings, your DA agent has it all. Our agents expertise comes from a rigorous training process lead by a graduate gemologist.
Shopping for a diamond is now stress-free and fun!

Your Diamond Adobe Agent

A trained expert in diamonds that will…


  • Make the process of buying a diamond stress-free and fun.
  • Educate you about the special qualities such as color, cut, clarity, and carats. Enabling you to find the right balance between cost and quality.
  • Help you select from hundreds of gorgeous setting options to show off your rock.

And deliver an experience that leaves you satisfied, knowing that you were able to find the perfect diamond for your budget.